This is My Sadness

February 19, 2007

This is my sadness.

My sadness is not loud or noble and it does not speak with the voice of a generation.

It is not whiny or shot through with a sense of entitlement so it does not reflect poorly on my generation.

My sadness if asked could walk a straight line and touch its nose.

It is not bossy and often simply follows my lead.

I have no cosmic failing that creates an unavoidable demise, so my sadness is not tragic.

It would rather wear a black strappy dress than a pirate shirt.

My sadness neither waxes nor wanes.

It does not ebb or flow.

Its favorite color is green.

My sadness recognizes no symbolism in this.

While it does not suffer from stage fright my sadness has no desire to perform.

It feels no need to tell me I am more or less handsome and smart than I am.

My sadness does not lie.


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